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Rolls-Royce is a Power Systems company: for more than a hundred years we have been providing power for aircraft, ships and land applications. Our vision is to provide “better power for a changing world”. Better, because our customers need our systems to become more efficient all the time as we respond to the growing demand for all types of power in our fast changing world.

We are best known for our aero engines, that power many of the world’s most advanced passenger jets, like the new Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. But, there is much more to the company than that. We also produce low–emission power systems for ships, some of which we design ourselves. We power a wide array of land vehicles: ranging from trains to combine harvesters, and build engines that can generate electricity.

Around half of our revenues come from servicing the power systems we deliver.

Vision – Better power for a changing world
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Better - We will succeed only by continually raising standards. We constantly improve quality, performance and cost. We are inquisitive, energetic and 'better' every day. Even when we may be the best, we must continue to get better.

Power - We are a power systems company that develops, sells and services mission critical products. Our customers demand innovation that improves performance and reduces the environmental impact of our power systems.

Changing World - The world around us is changing rapidly and the pace of change is accelerating. New markets are emerging, shifting the balance of economic power. Regulation is, rightly, driving the requirement for cleaner power and setting new standards for business conduct. Our continuous investment in technology, our ingenuity and our commitment to excellence allows us to seize the opportunities that change presents and to face the future with confidence.

Values – Trusted to deliver excellence
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Trust - is earned by doing what we say we will. It demands care, consistency, courage and competence. Trust commits us to high ethical standards - it is central to who and what we are.

Deliver - part of being trusted: we must deliver on our promises, meeting our customers' requirement for quality, delivery, responsiveness and reliability always recognising that the safety of our products and our people is paramount.

Excellence - if we are trusted, and we deliver, then we will be regarded as excellent. It's that simple.

Strategy – Customer. Innovation. Profitable growth
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Customer - Placing the customer at the heart of our organisation is key. We need to listen to our customers, share ideas, really understand their needs and then relentlessly focus on delivering our promises.

Innovation - is our lifeblood. Unless we continually improve the competition will kill us. To drive innovation, we create the right environment - curious, challenging, unafraid of failure, disciplined, open-minded and able to change with pace. But most importantly, we ensure our innovation is relevant to our customers' needs.

Profitable Growth - By focusing on our customers, and offering them a competitive portfolio of products and services, we will create the opportunity to grow our market share. Of course we have got to make sure that we are not just growing, but growing profitably. That means ensuring our costs are competitive. We look after our cash and we win right.

The DNA of our organisation

The DNA of our organization

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We strive continually to improve quality, performance and cost. To that end we invest in innovation, infrastructure and in the global workforce.

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