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Trent 1000 momentum in the market

The great thing about a fact, is that, well it’s a fact. We say this because over the past six years, when in a competitive situation, the Trent 1000 has been chosen ahead of the competition 60 per cent of the time and its popularity continues to grow.

In fact, the Trent 1000 has up to three per cent better fuel burn than the competition. A figure that can equate to savings of tens of millions of dollars.

Here’s another fact; being part of the most successful family of aero engines in the world, the Trent 1000 has demonstrated its ability to handle harsh environments, including extreme hot and cold conditions. This is no fair weather engine.

With a dispatch reliability of 99.9 per cent and all of the above, the fact is the Trent 1000 is becoming the most popular engine on the Boeing 787.