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Trent 500

Trent 500 is the sole engine for the increased range Airbus A340-500/600

  • Entry into service (EIS) in August 2002 with Virgin Atlantic
  • 589 engines power the 129 aircraft delivered
  • Cleared to thrust level above A340 initial requirements giving growth capability
  • High bypass ratio for excellent fuel economy
  • Low noise and emissions
  • Unparalleled service experience with operation of over 19 million engine flying hours 

With an initial take-off thrust of 56,000lb, the Trent 500 provides reliable and economic power for A340 aircraft. The Trent 500 has been certificated at 60,000lb, which provides excellent in-service margins, leading to longer time on wing.

With its design derived from the reliable RB211 family of three-shaft engines, the Trent's advanced layout provides lighter weight and better payload/range and revenue-earning potential than its competitors. Its diffusion bonded/superplastically formed (DB/SPF) wide-chord fan protects the engine against foreign object damage while latest generation single crystal high-pressure turbine blades help to ensure that engines have the best on-wing life in the airline industry. The combustor produces the lowest flight pollution levels and the engines are designed for low noise, making them kinder to the environment.

The three shaft design of the Trent family makes it possible to scale each individual compressor or turbine independently of the other engine modules to ensure optimum component performance.

The Trent 500 features a 97.4 inch diameter wide-chord fan together with a high efficiency core. This combination of existing fan size and a scaled core yields an engine giving significant improvements in fuel efficiency and lower noise. These are essential attributes for an engine designed for a long-range four-engined aircraft.

The Trent 500 offered the best foundation for reliability - right from EIS - thanks to intensive testing required for ETOPS clearance.

  • The Trent 500 is a three-shaft high bypass ratio engine
  • Fan diameter: 97.4 inches (2.47 metres)
  • Eight-stage IP compressor
  • Six-stage HP compressor
  • Tiled combustor with 20 fuel injectors
  • Single-stage HP turbine
  • Single-stage IP turbine
  • Five-stage LP turbine