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Trent 7000

The Trent 7000 is the seventh generation of the market-leading Trent family of large engines, and is the exclusive engine for the Airbus A330neo. The Trent 7000 builds on the unrivalled reliability record of the Trent 1000 on the Boeing 787, the world's most efficient engine technology utilised by the Trent XWB, and the unsurpassed Trent 700 experience and market-leading position on the A330.

Just as the Trent 700 is the engine of choice on the A330, so the Trent 7000 has evolved to provide 10% better sfc, 6db less noise (even quieter than the Trent 700) and the best revenue-earning capability.

The Trent 7000 is the latest addition to the Trent family – the customer's first choice in the modern, widebody market. It is also the most reliable large engine family and has more hours/experience than any other large gas turbine family