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Trent 800

  • There are over 190 Trent 800 powered aircraft operating in service today
  • Over 26 million flying hours and 5 million flying cycles of Trent 800 operation achieved by November 2015
  • A Trent 800 powered Boeing 777 takes off or lands every 100 seconds 
  • Lowest weight, greater payload, greater revenue-earning capability
  • Thrust available from 75,000lb to 95,000lb from a single bill of material
  • Competitive fuel burn
  • Low noise
  • Lowest emissions
  • Modular build ensures ease of maintenance
  • Reliable and predictable throughout its life
  • The three shaft architecture allows convenient transportation

The Trent 800 entered service in April 1996. Built on the solid foundation of Trent 700 (entered service in March 1995) experience, the Trent 800 was certified ahead of schedule at 90,000 lb thrust, exceeding its original target of 84,000lb.

The Trent 800 rapidly established a reputation for industry-leading reliability and the capability of the original design has been demonstrated by continuing thrust growth. Today the Trent 800 is available from 75,000 to 95,000lb thrust with a common engine standard, the widest range of any engine in its class.

The Trent 800 is the power plant of choice for the Boeing 777, having secured orders for 40 per cent of the available market.