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Trent 900

The Trent 900 is the engine of choice for the Airbus A380, with over half of operators selecting the engine. It delivers the lowest lifetime fuel burn and has excellent environmental attributes. The Trent 900 will continue to deliver customer benefits as it is part of a living engine family.

The Trent 900 fleet now comprises over 300 engines, with 75 aircraft in service, and had accumulated over 5 million hours by July 2015.

The Trent 900 demonstrates the result of the environment being the driving force behind its design. It satisfied all its key requirements: fuel burn, noise, emissions, weight and power. The Trent 900 powered A380 is quiet, meeting the QC0.5 level for Arrivals and QC2 for departures.

As the fourth generation of the Trent family of engines, the Trent 900 benefits from our ability to feed back low-risk new technology from future generations. Rolls-Royce has a demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement, having already delivered fuel burn improvements since EIS of up to 1.6%. 

The excellent environmental attributes of the engine are evident as it has the greatest cumulative margin to ICAO emission standards of any engine for the A380. The engine has the lowest NOx emissions for the A380, NOx is currently the only regulated emission subject to specific airport charging.

The Trent 900 is certified at 70k, 72k, 77k and 80k pounds of thrust. The higher two ratings demonstrate the growth capability embedded in the engine, should further aircraft development be required.