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Louise Thompson

This programme is responsible for transforming the way we’re now working and behaving as an organisation.

For the past two years of my 14-year-career, I’ve helped the Trent XWB teams to build a physical environment and a culture that enables them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. We’ve removed the constraints of a traditional office environment and given them the freedom to innovate and contribute to their full potential.

We were able to remove some of the constraints people had around them, and have seen a really positive reaction, with everyone now working more collaboratively, which can only be a good thing for our products and for our customers.

More recently, I’ve taken the role of Quality Executive, working closely with Airbus, and personally getting to know the end customers, which is different to how we may have done things in the past.

It’s the first time that Qatar has been a launch customer with such a large aircraft. Their inherent high expectations mean they are much more interested in quality early in the programme. I have to give them confidence in the quality of the product we’re delivering, so it’s good to get to know what they are interested in. I can already see that they’re really focused on the visual aesthetics of the engine which is something we’ve not experienced before.

Outside of work, I love to ride. I own my own horse and together we compete in show jumping events and go along to local shows. We’re a good team and have won a number of rosettes this season.