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Richard Stanley

I’m lucky to have been the Engine Management Engineer for very first Trent XWB-84 and the Trent XWB -97 test engines.

Alongside the different development teams, I manage all aspects of the planning, build, testing and strip of development engines - everything from thermal paint to fan blade off tests. It may seem simple, but it can take as long as 12 months of planning and discussion from the launch meeting, through to the engine test, before we can analyse the results.

Getting to know people and building strong working relationships with them is really what this role is all about, without them our job would be impossible.

I’ve worked for Rolls-Royce for 32 years – starting with the BR710 and in a number of similar roles before joining the Trent XWB project in July 2009. Every day is different; travelling to our test sites around the world to see the new technology coming through. I just love engines, aircraft, formula one, or motorbikes, I can’t get enough. I have done several motorbike track days and have recently been on a tour of the French Alps with friends.

When I think about what I do and how our tests make flying safer for our families, it really makes it worthwhile.

I’d like to see the -97 engine through to certification before maybe taking on another new product, but that’s a few years away yet as there’s still a lot to do.