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Scott Wood

I work in Customer Services supporting the Trent XWB launch customer, Qatar Airways. Alongside our team of service representatives based with the airline in Doha, I support their day-to-day operational, technical, commercial and service delivery needs.

It’s my job to ensure we strike the right balance between what the customer needs and what we can deliver. I represent Rolls-Royce with the customer and with Airbus but, importantly, I also represent the customer within Rolls-Royce.

I visit them regularly and have a great working relationship with them, although it’s not as glamorous as it appears. The time difference means that as the customer finishes for the day our UK working day is in full swing. For me that means a long day discussing the customer’s needs in one time zone and then talking to UK colleagues late into the night in another.

As our customers like to talk to our specialists, they sometimes come with me to discuss their area of expertise, which is not only hugely helpful, but also reinforces our reputation within the industry.

I’ve had little involvement with Airbus in the past, but that’s changing. With the A350 XWB we’re all changing the way we do things. Airbus’s own reputation is affected by anything that could reflect badly on their aircraft, so they want us to work more closely with them as part of an integrated team – jointly representing ourselves to the customer. This approach raises the stakes and we are now involved in all kinds of things we’ve never done before.

Like many other people at Rolls-Royce, when I am at home in the UK, I like to cycle as it helps me stay fit, and generally take some time out to relax.