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A geared  design with a variable pitch system, UltraFan™ is based on technology that could be ready for service from 2025 and will offer at least 25 per cent improvement in fuel burn and emissions against the same baseline.

UltraFan will utilise the new advanced core architecture, enhanced with further technologies and the broader application of innovative high-temperature materials to push the core overall pressure ratio to more than 70:1. UltraFan features a new geared architecture to meet the challenges of the future. We will introduce a power gearbox between the fan and intermediate pressure compressor to ensure the fan runs at its optimum speed. In common with our three-shaft architecture, the engine compressor and turbine continue to run at their optimum speed to deliver optimum performance. The carbon titanium fan system is further developed to allow the deletion of the thrust reverser, enabling a truly slim–line nacelle system.

In essence, these designs are an evolution of our three-shaft architecture. Advance evolves the core architecture for further efficiency benefits and future growth of overall pressure ratio, as well as applying lightweight LP system technologies. UltraFan then effectively wraps a new LP system around a technologically enhanced Advance core, retaining the configuration of the IP & HP compressors and HP turbine.