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AE 3007

Single-stage, direct-drive, wide-chord fan gives high efficiency and low noise

Product details

  • Engine FAA/EASA certification in 1995 for Embraer ERJ
  • Engine FAA/EASA certification in 1996 for Cessna Citation X
  • AE 3007 powered Citation X won 1996 Collier Trophy
  • First flight of Global Hawk UAV in 1998
  • First flight of Triton UAV in May 2013
  • Over 3200 engines delivered
  • Engine has accumulated more than 50 million flight hours

The AE 3007 turbofan core is derived from the AE 1107 engine and is in the 8,000lb thrust class. It was developed to provide a turbofan member of the AE common core family for the growing regional jet and medium/large business jet markets.

The AE 3007 powers the Cessna Citation X business jet and the Embraer ERJ 145/140/135 twin-turbofan regional jets.  The AE 3007 was selected for Embraer's Legacy 600/650 corporate jet which entered service in 2002.

A growth version, the AE 3007H was developed for the Northrop Grumman Ryan Aeronautical Centre Global Hawk unmanned surveillance aircraft and is in full production with the US Air Force.  The Triton UAV developed for the US Navy utilizing the AE 3007H, is currently in flight test.

Cessna's New Citation X utilizes the upgraded AE 3007 fan to achieve a new Mach limit of 0.935 and is expected to enter service in 2014.

The AE 3007 turbofan engine is a high bypass (5:1), two spool, axial-flow engine, flat rated at 7,580 pounds of thrust, uninstalled, sea level static to 113°F ambient temperature.

  • Wide-chord single-stage direct-drive fan
  • 14-stage axial-flow compressor with inlet guide vanes (IGVs) and five variable-geometry-stator stages
  • Full annular type combustion liner with 16 fuel nozzles and two high tension igniters
  • Two-stage HP turbine driving the HP compressor
  • Three-stage LP turbine to drive the fan
  • Dual aircraft mounted, fully-redundant FADECs
  • Accessory-drive gearbox for engine-driven accessories and air system for aircraft pressurisation, engine starting, and cross bleed starts