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Today’s fleet of more than 1,900 delivered Tay engines have accumulated over 30 million flight hours

The latest Tay model, the Tay 611-8C, is part of the Tay 611 engine family, which has over 25 year's in-service experience. The whole Tay fleet has attained over 33 million total engine family flight hours to date. Over 2,000 Tay engines worldwide are powering Gulfstream business jets and Fokker regional aircraft.

With a thrust of 13,850lb the Tay 611-8C powers the Gulfstream G350 and G450 business jets. This latest Tay-model has been designed to continue the record of outstanding reliable service set over the last fifty years by the preceding Gulfstream family of business jets exclusively powered by Rolls-Royce engines.

The Tay 620 and Tay 650, powering the Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 aircraft, are the workhorses for many regional airlines and major carriers alike. These aircraft are also popular with start-up carriers due to their competitive lease rates and low up-front investment costs. Rolls-Royce provides airlines with a complete range of services, which can be flexibly included in a TotalCare agreement, thus enabling airlines to concentrate on their core business and keep cost down.