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Combining the services customers need with the services they want

SelectCare™ combines long-term shop visit cost certainty with the freedom to choose from a range of Service Options, so that customers get a Service Solution that is exactly tailored to their needs.

At the heart of SelectCare is a fixed-price overhaul arrangement. Under SelectCare an overhaul shop visit draws on the same workscope that a TotalCare shop visit would have, uses the same materials and procedures and is performed by the same engineering teams. The price of these shop visits is known for the duration of the SelectCare agreement with larger volume commitments attracting lower prices. Each shop visit is paid for when it occurs. Check and repair shop visits are not covered under SelectCare, but we are willing to conduct these on a time and materials basis. Alternatively, customers may choose to have their check and repair shop visits conducted at any facility that is certified on their engine type.

As SelectCare involves a long-term relationship between our customer and Rolls-Royce, we believe it is appropriate that we should provide a similar level of long-term planning to SelectCare customers. So under SelectCare, we will still conduct fleet planning and induction planning for our customers’ engines. This will generally mean that SelectCare engines will be inducted more quickly into the overhaul shop than time and material engines are.

As customers’ engines approach retirement, they may not want them to have a full-life overhaul. We are happy to work with our customers to compose a tailored workscope, to deliver the service life and performance that our customers require. If necessary, these tailored workscopes can draw upon parts that a customer already owns, either serviceable used material  (SUM) or new parts that a customer may have been holding  in inventory.