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CorporateCare® is a comprehensive, fixed-cost engine maintenance management plan that enhances asset value, increases liquidity and protects against unforeseen costs and unscheduled events anywhere in the world. 

CorporateCare applies to the following Rolls-Royce engine types:

  • BR725 (powering Gulfstream G650)
  • BR710 (powering Gulfstream G500 [GV / GV-SP] and G550 [GV-SP variant] and Bombardier Global Express and Global 5000 and 6000)
  • Tay (powering Gulfstream G300 [GIV / GIV-SP] and G400 [GIV-SP variant] and the G350 and G450)
  • AE3007 (powering Embraer Legacy 600 and 650/ Shuttle and Cessna Citation X)

The benefits

  • Low risk, fixed cost engine maintenance - The comprehensive suite of engine management services available under CorporateCare provides predictable costs over the life of the agreement and covers all aspects of engine maintenance and management
  • Reduced management burden - CorporateCare enables you to focus on your priorities, because Rolls-Royce provides a full suite of Engine Management Services
  • Enhanced aircraft resale value - CorporateCare is fully transferable with the aircraft, therefore increasing its residual value
  • Increased aircraft availability - A lease engine is included in the plan when your engine is in the shop
  • Reduced capital investment - You need fewer spare parts and tools
  • 24/7 - Benefit from a world-wide network of support focused on the needs of corporate jet operators. Our network is always there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Full transfer of financial risk - resulting in tax benefits